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After going to Mayo Clinic earlier this year, we were able to confirm that I also have mast cell activation disorder and since then, I have been on a handful of new meds to treat and stabilize my mast cells. Along with the new medications, I began to follow a low histamine diet. On top of doing that, I continued to avoid foods that came back as reactors on my ELISA food sensitivity test.

After a couple of months of diligently following the new regimen and diet, I began to notice less flushing, less chest and neck rashes, less swelling and redness, less dryness, and less intense headaches. I noticed that if I accidentally did slip up and ate something with higher histamine content or something I wasn't supposed to have, I would pay for it. I began to track my reactions to specific foods. I soon realized that this histamine intolerance was really a thing for me and the foods that came back on the ELISA test really did make my symptoms worse as well.

I was happy to see the progress on the food reaction side of things. The daily headaches even became less intense as a whole, with some occasional days being worse. The migraines however remained fairly frequent. I was still getting over 15 a month.

In May, I started Emgality, a new CGRP inhibitor drug aimed at treating and preventing migraines. It involves a monthly injection subcutaneously to block the CGRP receptors.

I just had my third monthly injection of Emgality and have noticed not only a reduction in the frequency of my migraines, but now when I do get a migraine, it doesn't tend to last as long.

I am hopeful about what is to come and am very thankful I have been able to have an easier Summer this year so far. I still deal with migraines, daily headaches, and the usual POTS symptoms everyday, but I am encouraged with this progress and am thankful for a bit of a reprieve. I'm figuring out more of my triggers and am finding new ways to manage all of these conditions better.

View from our cottage - sunset afterglow - photo by Ashley Rippentrop

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