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The Spoon Theory

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

The Spoon Theory in a nutshell:

Think of spoons as energy reserves that also serve as a "currency" to use in exchange for doing things throughout the day. For example, taking a shower = 2 spoons; cooking a meal = 2 spoons; going out to lunch = 3 spoons.

A healthy person has a large number of spoons to use each day upon waking up so the possibilities are endless. A person with chronic illness often has limited spoons to use and each day is different.

Some days, a person with chronic illness may have 10 spoons to use. Sometimes, they'll only have 3.

Say I wake up with 8 spoons and I have a lunch outing that day. Need to shower? That'll be two spoons, thank you. Need to make and eat breakfast? That'll be another spoon. Getting dressed and driving to said location... two spoons please. Then the lunch outing in itself would easily use up the rest, so perhaps by 2pm, I'm out of spoons. If I wanted to go out to dinner with friends or hang out with people that night, I would not have enough energy to simply push through my symptoms.

And if I did, I would be dipping into my future reserve of spoons. Doing too much in one day/using more spoons than you have that day can result in less spoons the following day. A poor night's sleep can also take away a spoon or two as well.

And thus, became the name of this blog, more spoons please.

The Spoon Theory was coined by Christine Miserandino. Click here to read.

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