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Gratitude Amidst the Grief

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2018 was easily the hardest, most challenging year of my life thus far.

My dad was undergoing treatment for glioblastoma and we watched it affect his body and mind.

I continued to deal with my own health trials with POTS and I wound up in the ER more often than I would have liked.

Because of these health trials, it affected my ability to see my dad at times while he was sick, to work, to see friends, travel, and just do basic life tasks.

My cat had a seizure which now requires him to be on medicine a couple times a day the rest of his life which also dictated our daily schedule for a while.

And lastly, the most painful thing I’ve ever had to go through (and still go through) was my dad’s passing in June and all the grief that comes along with it.

While this was definitely a tough year filled with plenty of loss and pain, I’m thankful:

✅I got to witness my dad’s complete surrender to God’s will and unwavering faith during the toughest season of his life and his joy in the Lord through it all. What an example he set not only in life but also in death. ✅I was surrounded by love and support during a painful season. ✅I overcame health trials and still do each day as new ones come. ✅I am so thankful that I still have a job and that my bosses have been understanding, supportive, and flexible with my health stuff. ✅I got to see family and friends. ✅I made new friends too. ✅My husband and I officially began filming and working on our documentary! ✅Through this documentary journey, we’ve met and befriended so many amazing people.

Praying for 2019 to be filled with stronger faith, joy, better health, good times with family and friends, less loss, and more spoons, please.

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