Supplement Links

I put this supplement list here to make it easy to find what you need. Digging through Amazon can be exhausting, especially with brain fog and no experience with what works or doesn’t work yet. These are Amazon Affiliate links, so as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchase. If you think the information was helpful and want to try any supplements, I would appreciate it if you used the link to support my ability to put time into this and continue to expand on it.


MethylPro B-Complex  – $1.17/day, high quality, all the B vitamins, does contain vitamin C if you’re sensitive to oxalates.

Seeking Health HomocysteX – $.55/day – has B2, folate, p5p, B12 & TMG. It’s missing biotin, thiamin, and B5 to be more full spectrum.

Life Extension Bioactive B complex – $.28/day, higher levels of all B vitamins, mixture of methylated and nonmethylated

Pure Therapro Rx Methyl Multi Without Iron – Best full spectrum methylated vitamin I’ve found, has vitamin C if you’re sensitive to oxalates

Thorne methylated B2 – $.44/day – just B2, no other B vitamins

Kirkman P5P and Magnesium – $.31/day – P5P and magnesium only


Sulfite X (liquid molybdenum) – molybdenum in liquid form if you don’t like pills

Pure Encapsulations Trace Minerals – $.26/day – low dose molybdenum with other minerals (100 mcg)

Seeking Health Trace Minerals – $.66/day – slightly more molybdenum with other minerals (200 mcg)

Carlson Moly-B – $.07/day – high-dose molybdenum (500 mcg)


Bulk Supplements glycine powder – honestly, glycine is mildly sweet and easy to put in a drink. Save yourself from the fillers and just buy it loose if it won’t bother you

Sports Research marine-based collagen powder – $.92/day, amino acids with 2 grams of glycine, one month’s worth

Zen Principle marine-based collaged – $.47/day, cheapest per serving but a larger investment


Toniq NAC – $.24/day – quality company, plain NAC


Relentless Improvement K2 – $.47/day – High-dose MK-4 version of K2, can be broken into smaller doses (5 mg) to stretch out.  This is the only MK-4 only supplement I’ve found. 


Visbiome High Potency – Expensive but contains strains known to help degrade oxalates, word on the street is can cause dumping and some people have to back off and take part of a capsule to start